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Clairol is an American personal care-product division of company Coty, specializing in hair coloring and hair care, that was begun in 1931 by Americans Joan Gelb and her husband Lawrence M. Gelb, along with business partner and lifelong friend James Romeo, after discovering hair-coloring preparations while traveling in France. The company was widely recognized in its home country, the United States.

Kandis angrily mentioned, "This Clairol hair colour is not nice or easy. I found it very hard to work with, very runny, and the colour was nothing like it showed on the box. This stuff is the cheapest to buy in the drugstore for a good reason. Spend the extra dough and go with a better hair colour. Clairol does do good hair colour just not their nice and easy line, this is disappointing. This hair colour is not nice or easy. I found it very hard to work with, very runny, and the colour was nothing like it showed on the box. This stuff is the cheapest to buy in the drugstore for a good reason. Spend the extra dough and go with a better hair colour. Clairol does do good hair colour just not their nice and easy line, this is disappointing."


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"compenstation, no recognition, management has a lot to learn, need to listen, communicaion preached but not exhibited by all mangement"

Forklift Driver (Former Employee) says

"Alot of my family has worked for this company I'm talking grandmothers ,grandfathers,aunts &uncles....I was a forklift driver so I had the responsibility of inventory amongst alot of other thingsAlot of polThey moved all the way"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Place was poorly managed and upper people were clueless to what was going on. Other members of the mechanical department were of no help and support. and you could be blindsided at any time. Many people had been there to long, and thought they could do what they wanted. Toxic environment and very stressful place to work. It has long since closed anyway."

Engineering Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Clairol Co. used to be better under Bristol Mayer as Matrix long time ago. When P&G took over the amount of paperwork & procedures became outstanding which did create a workflow sluggish in general. As an under contract labor there I didn't aspire to climb further because contractors employees there didn't count for the company point of view advancement opportunities; so it will be just a wasted time trying to run the extra mile. I did anyhow but without any further expectation. There I was able to work and maintain many types of manufacturing pieces of equipment for production lines. This was an industrial setting plant. The management, in general, was alright except for some supervisors under them, no the best leaders! Workplace culture was into a Pyramid scheduled in general. The higher the easier and vice-versa! The hardest part of the job was whenever some of those company employees procrastinated their assignments to unloaded on me or some others down the line of command, not fair at all! Some of the company employees enjoy been pampered or overprotected by managers and liked to blame on the contractors for any wrongdoing at their ends, unfortunately! The most enjoyable part of the job was to be able to share as well with some really great people under all such circumstances. Some of them truly knew how to lift my spirit to be able to give that extra mile on daily basis.Contractors labor employees doesn't count for ladder opportunities further."

alida nadon says

"I have been using 8R ( medium reddish blonde), soooo disappointing, washes out almost completely to blonde again before its even time to do the roots, 3/4 of head is already back blonde again.. UGH.!! will have to switch to different product.."

Alessia Rossetti says

"If you’ve got nice, thick hair DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I had long thick hair, i had used other dyes to dye my hair brown before and no issues with any other brands, however thought i would try nice n easy this time and it has truly recked my hair, I regret it so much. My hair is now dull wispy and i have experienced major hair loss. After reading these reviews i know i’m not alone and i am disgusted that they have changed their formula to a cheaper alternative just for more profits. I am 16 years old and my hair is now so damaged never using this again please don’t support them."

Deb says

"I’ve been using Clairol Nice & Easy light blonde color for 20 years with good results in covering gray roots approximately every 6-8 weeks. With this new formula, there is very little gray coverage and it lasts about a week. The color is orangish now and I’ve lost clumps of hair during the coloring process. Why would you mess with a product that people have been using for so long and are happy with?? Maddening! Now I have to switch brands."

Nikki James says

"I have been using this hair dye for decades and still liked it even in the new odd shaped packaging recently introduced BUT a couple of weeks later on buying more, I notice the packaging has changed Yet again (pictures are worse and not attractive and box is now square again) . Shoved the stuff on my hair as usual only to find after rinsing it that it had no effect and my hair had barely changed colour other than a tint of red! Phoned customer services and got some foreign woman who could barely speak English telling me it was my fault for not doing a strand test! The packaging instructions 2 weeks ago said do NOT leave on longer than 25 mins (even though I always did) the new ones now say up to 35 mins. Foreign woman tells me it’s been made weaker to be kinder to skin. Yeah right, weaker to get less product for the price more like. Took two boxes to do my hair and am now £10 out of pocket. I usually dump dye on my hair twice a month with no reactions, hair loss or any of the other things I’ve seen people complaining of but I only use the blonde and red so maybe the darker colours cause hair loss. Either way, if you buy this stuff be warned it no longer works in 25 mins. For a serial dyer even I baulk at the idea of dying my hair twice in 24 hours! Will still use and just leave on for longer and I’ve no problem with being strawberry blonde but could have looked pretty nasty if I’d tried a major change. I think the packaging should have made clear the formulation had changed though as the ‘same great crime colour’ was very misleading because it is not the same at all."

Mrs Pishvayee says

"Clairol nice 'n easy is the dye equivalent of a chocolate fire guard; in other words not fit for purpose. The package claims 100% grey coverage, but it actually covers no grey. I've been using this product for over 20 years. but have to now look around for another brand of hair dye as there is no point in buying it any more. Waste of time and money."

Julia Devlin says

"I used this hair product for years with no complaints but since they changed the formula my hair has become dull and lank and thin and the coverage isn't as good there's no shine to my hair anymore! It needs to be taken off the shelves and the old formula brought back people won't buy this"

Barb Hartwell says

"I wish I could give this a minus review. I have used Clairol for years, decades as my hair darkened, I am a light blonde normally. For years I was able to use this with no problem. THEN they changed the formula. The hair color comes out odd - blonde with orange highlights - HUH? Then came the truly nasty surprise hair loss. I have been thinking what has caused all of this over the past 6 months. UH well I found this site and discovered I am not alone. Now I can only hope my hair will regrow and be good again. NEVER, EVER will use Clairol again. Destroyed my hair."

Brenda DiFant says

"I have to agree. I have always used Clairol but now I am going to have to use another brand. I have been so upset, I cry at the sight of the clumps of hair falling out. It is so distressing, and I have been spending a fortune on treatments in an attempt to stop it. Never again."

red says

"Do not use this. After using Nice and Easy for over 20 years never thought twice about using the 'new and improved formula' BIG BIG mistake. My hair has been falling out since I used it and whats left is unbelievably coarse. In fact after years of growing my hair I think I will now have to get it cut short as nothing I have tried has changed the texture back to what it was. Furious."

Eva Hanlon says

"Bought the Dark warm brown hair dye and after following the instructions correctly my hair has now got a bright red tint in it. Will not be using again. Red is a hard colour to get rid of and I will now have to dye my hair again."

Amandio Lemos says

"Dont use, got me very bad skin burns and left it for way less than says on package If i could i would give 0"

Lara says

"Couldn't agree more with these reviews. I've used this for over 20 years with perfect results, and have to say the new formula is horrendous. Everything about it. It stinks...quite literally, and after three washes I can't get rid of the smell. There's no shine like the old version, it gives rubbish coverage, stains your skin and burns your scalp. Why on earth did it change?! Unbelievable."

Irene says

"I have used Clairol Nice N Easy for about 30 years and have always been pleased with the result, until I used the new formula. Instead of the glossy full coverage that I had come to expect, this time my hair is dull and grey roots are not covered. I am so disappointed and will not be buying again."

Sharon says

"I have used this product for years but in recent times since the product has been changed I have noticed my hair has become coarse and thinning at a rapid rate. After reading other reviews I now know that this product is the cause of this!!! Why change a product that has been proven and successful to one that is way inferior??? I can only guess this wasn't to improve the product for the consumer, but rather the ingredients have been changed for ingredients that are cheaper to manufacture this greater profit!!! I will no longer be using this or any other Clairol products!!!"

Phil Toner says

"Do not use, my hair is like straw,breaking and loads of hair loss, I always had thick hair but now its destroyed, should be taken off the market,awful product"

Carol Dysart says

"The Frost and Tip price is terrible. BECAUSE! I have short hair and it only takes about a quarter of the mixture to frost and tip my hair. So three quarters gets tipped down the drain. You need to make a smaller cheaper pack for people with short hair."

Lorraine Yeandle says

"I wrote a review awhile ago saying how bad the new formula was...they had changed the shape of the box aswell going from a rectangular box to one being angled having a corner cut off....Ive noticed they have gone back to the old shaped box trying to imply they have gone back to the old formula but they have'nt...very sneaky Clairol but it does'nt wash!!!"

Torrain Treslove says

"Bought my usual hair colour 6.5, still had a box left from a previous buy but I have noticed the ingredients on the new box now has added ammonia whereas it didn't before. I now have a problem as this now burns my scalp I have also noticed on the clairol site that it says ammonia free. Clairol you need to change your description of ingredients as the nice n easy is not ammonia free"

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